Our Ethos

Vision: Not everyone believes they are capable of achieving what they see others accomplish.   It is our belief at Accompli:pd that everyone is capable of exploring their abilities and attitudes with a view to setting in motion the change they desire. To this end, our vision is to help everyone seeking it, the opportunity to realise their professional potential.

Purpose: Accompli:pd is in the business of providing opportunities to individuals and organisations for professional development. Through making the process accessible, motivational and inspirational, the valuable learning is designed using tools and techniques to build strong foundations for your future.

Values:   Our values are central to the work we do.

  • Caring: We care about you and we care about the work we do with you. We recognise and appreciate that we are all unique, made up of different experiences, skills and abilities. We respect these differences and work with you in your professional development on an individual basis.
  • Confidentiality:   The relationships we build with our clients are based on trust. In enabling individuals and organisations to achieve their full potential, we are committed to providing a supportive and challenging environment where confidentiality is paramount.
  • Honesty: Working in partnership, we understand the importance of honesty in all we do and for this reason, if something doesn’t work or we’re not a good fit for you, we will let you know.


Teresa Boyle
Director Accompli: PD

Bringing the benefits and experience of the external executive coach / leadership developer, and working across private, charitable and public sector organisations, I believe it is possible to increase the number of exceptional leaders who are leading in our volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world.

I strongly believe in the ability of others even though they may doubt it themselves. Working with organisations and individuals, I understand the increasing pressures placed on people and companies in an environment that claims more of our time and energy… often leaving little left for developing strategy let alone ourselves.

Today’s senior managers face a variety of complex challenges, ranging from the creation of effective organizational processes to helping the business reach specific goals to building effective teams and developing great leaders. Through constantly developing my own work and responding to the feedback I receive, I am able to design impactful programmes and coaching interventions.

As an experienced facilitator, consultant and qualified coach, my areas of expertise are extensive and include leadership and management development, organisational development, personal and professional effectiveness, change management and team development.

Having qualified as a professional development coach with the Institute of Leadership and Management, my experience includes working with clients across the private, public and not-for-profit sectors. 


Richard Boyle
education director accompli: PD

A highly experienced and qualified Consultant with over 30 years of executive management as Principal and Head teacher in special education.  

Previously as Chair of the National Association for Special Schools (NASS) and formerly Vice Chair of engage in their future, I have been directly involved in most aspects of regional SEN and leadership/management policy, where this affects special schools. I have also been involved in national policy forums regarding learning behaviour, special schools, leadership and management, contractual working and outcomes development in the region in particular establishing professional learning communities.

I have consistently worked in mainstream and non-maintained residential special education throughout my career.  As former Principal and CEO of Muntham House School, a non-maintained residential and day special school for young people (8-18) with severe social, emotional and mental health difficulties, which adversely affect their learning, MHS was the focus of the BAFTA award winning film Last Chance.

Ofsted has described my leadership as ‘of outstanding quality...  successfully managing change at a very fast rate

I dedicate my professional life to the learning needs of the most diverse (increasingly so) group of young people and their adult partners in learning.  I believe that the work I have completed and the experience I have gained has given me a sound insight into the needs of educational provisions throughout the country.