Recognising the different realms of work, our coaching focuses on three areas:

Executive Coaching

We provide coaching for talented individuals at key transition points in their lives.

As a key approach to the professional development of leaders in complex and dynamic organisations, executive coaching enables managers and leaders to develop the capability to address organisational challenges alongside their own personal development.

As a powerful and effective development tool for senior leaders, the coaching conversation both challenges and supports executives as they work on real life problems.

Since establishing collaborative relationships is fundamental to the successful working of any organisational environment, we can help your organisation to develop a coaching leadership style culture which ensures that managers understand and develop the skills to engage with the people they are responsible for.



Team Coaching

As an alternative to one-to-one coaching, team coaching helps teams to learn together as they work on real life issues that help to embed the skills associated with this development tool into their daily practice.

By applying the principles of coaching to the team as a whole, the team learns to underwent and value the contribution that each individual makes: in a supportive and non-judgemental way, the team learns to have powerful conversations that lead to deeper levels of trust and higher levels of collaboration.

Through developing a strong sense of a shared purpose and more effective communication the team is able to achieve more sustainable change.

Individual Coaching

Alongside working with organisations, we offer one-to-one coaching to individuals who want to invest in their own professional development.

For those wanting to make progress in their career or anyone feeling that they're being overlooked for professional development within their organisation, coaching can help to put an effective strategy in place that allows the individual to become an active participant in their career.

Coaching is a process designed to explore all the options for a variety of developmental settings, including:

  • Improving presentation skills in a variety of business situations such as:
    • meeting one-on-one with the client
    • in the 'hot seat' in a performance review
    • presenting to 3 or 300
  • increasing chances of promotion
  • improving self-confidence and self-esteem
  • improving leadership skills
  • improving interpersonal skills
  • exercising better control over time management